Andi M. H.

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I’m not sure either

sometimes, I wish to not know myself.
sometimes, I just wish to be reborn as someone not me.
sometimes.. just sometimes.. I wish to be no one.

even better than a fresh reset.
just me, myself, and I.



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I wonder,

can I sit here?
can I just shut my ears forever?
why do I need to see even when I don’t want to?
what time is it? Is it time to go yet?

when can I go?
where could I go?
I don’t wanna be here
just take me somewhere
somewhere nice

nice to meet you.



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Eventho we talked everyday,
never in my life had anyone made me feel this way.

I miss you the most.
Don’t go too far!
Please just stay close.

Since I met you, forgetting have never been a choice.
I’m longing for you.
I want you more than just your voice.

Somehow you’re able to make me fall deeper each day.
How I’m so dependent on you.
I want you to just grab my shoulder, and say “hey!”

More tears may come through the coming years.
Our longing wouldn’t stop piling,
but I know that we’ll also be smiling.

You’re the one that I really miss,
you’re the one that I long to kiss.



Photo by Alexandra Vo on Unsplash

Once in a blue moon, I wished that I was never been born.
To never meet anyone.
To never think.
To never learn.
To never feel.
To never be in pain.

When someone never been born, does it feel the same as when someone died? Both state are the state of being still. Just you, and the void. Right?

Is being dead the same as being asleep? Both doesn’t give a fuck about living, right?

Once in a while, I wish to sleep and never wake up.
The burden you have before sleeping,
those would be gone in a blink.

I miss being in those state.
I miss not feeilng anything.
I miss not thinking.
I miss not being in pain.
I miss not being alive.
I miss the old me.
But I’m looking forward to future me.