Day 4: “Places you want to visit”

Right now, I actually have some places I wanted to visit for a while. Each place has its own reason why I want to visit them.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The place I wanted to visit the most is Surabaya. To me, going there means a step closer towards my dream. Going there means taking care of documents to prepare my departure for my study. That’s one thing. Another thing, by going there, I could meet my girlfriend, which we’re currently having a LDR and haven't met for more than six months. As much as I want to continue my study, I also really wanna meet and reassure her.

The second place is the dream place itself, Germany. Since I was in elementary school, I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. What triggers me at first was that my oldest brother studied there, and I admire him so much. As time passes by, a lot of people that I admire their way of thinking actually came from there, so I’m curious about what kind of environment they were living in.

The third and last place is Japan. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with Japan and its culture, but the peak was when I was before I entered high school.

When I was little, my father repeatedly told me stories about him to inspire me. One of them was when he was studying in Japan. He told me how amazing it was, he showed me photos of him when he was there, he told me what he did there, how people loved him there, etc. He was the one who introduces me to Japan.

When I was older, I got this one friend who really loves everything about Japan. The culture, buildings, and most importantly anime and manga. He introduces me to them. I’ve actually watched anime before that, it was one piece, and that was it. I tried watching his recommendations, but it wasn’t that interesting to me. Though after a while I also got addicted to them, but when I entered high school, I started to watch less and less of it.

To this day, I’m still interested and been wanting to take pictures on the street of Japan.



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